Our Process

We Build Your Vision

We start by listening and learning because each client has a culture, a vision, and a mission. Each project progresses through a rigorous and collaborative sequence of gathering information, exploring a variety of options, establishing a concept, and making complex, yet informed decisions. Our process is flexible to mold to our clients’ processes and to accommodate changes in schedules, resources, and the desired outcome.

For each project, it is our responsibility to effectively manage the process by being efficient, proactive, and inclusive.

Our Services

From Master Planning to
Outstanding Design

Our process is¬†classically grounded with a contemporary approach.¬†It all begins with listening to you. From there, our design starts with a functional basis, which allows the aesthetics to evolve to match your vision. No matter the project and no matter the scale — we have the expertise to shape it.

01 Needs Assessment

Existing condition surveys, code assessment, understanding challenges and opportunities.

02 Master Planning

Taking complex ideas and vision and creating a cohesive strategy for the future.

03 Programming

Diving deep to understand spatial, functional, and organizational issues.

04 Functional & Space Planning

Organizing and creating a structured environment.

05 Architectural & Interior Design

Blending building technology with appropriate aesthetics, expressing a culture inside and out.

06 Interior Architecture

Considering the interactions to take place inside of space between both people and materials while designing.

07 Equipment Planning

Creating a home for technology.

08 Cost Control

Maximizing resources while maintaining value.

09 Project Management

Logical and consistent communication, process driven, effective incorporation of talent, information and resources in a timely fashion.