BJC Christian Hospital Medical Office Building Study

OWH conducted a study for Christian Hospital to expand an existing Medical Office Building. The proposed space was to create 40,000 square feet of office space on two floors attached to the existing MOB. The building design was based on the strong language established by the original facility. The entry tower elements identified the main points of entry into the buildings. Using these elements as the key in the continued development of the overall site wayfinding scheme, an identical tower demarcates the entry for the proposed MOB. A simple and clear public circulation route was established along the south/southeastern perimeter to allow for a simple connection to the existing facility. The two story entry lobby provided an appropriate and comfortable spatial response and assisted in giving the MOB a sense of place while connecting back to the existing clinical office building and ED.

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01 Special Features & Challenges

To connect with the existing medical office building and carry on the architectural language so the addition presents a cohesive design that is simple to navigate and reinforces Christian Hospital’s presence in the community.

02 Location

North St. Louis County, MO

03 Square Footage